Firebird - status update (not ready yet)

Bunth Tamás btomi96 at
Fri Aug 12 21:09:38 UTC 2016

> On MacOS X, when A is dynamically linked with B (that is at build
> time), the "install path" of B is recorded into A (more precisely,
> into the result of linking A with B), so that at runtime (link before
> the executable is run, not dlopen()), B is searched for B's "install
> path".
> So they are kind of opposite concepts, and not in the same case: one
> for dlopen(), the other for dynamic linking. Runtime vs build time.

IIUC you are referring to a "dependent library", which is linked at
build time, but the actual case is a "runtime loaded library".[1] So
it works similarly as the linux dlopen, except that there is no
working "-rpath" option, and no "$ORIGIN".

The solenv/bin/macosx-change-install-names tool is used to handle
dependent libraries, using "otool -L" to track dependencies, but in
case of a runtime loaded library, the dependency cannot be tracked
before runtime, so it doesn't show up for "otool -L", thus this tool
cannot be used.

It seems, I can use dylib tokens like "@loader_path/libEngine12.dylib"
in the string passed to dlopen. It worked in the external, but not
after copying to instdir. I don't know yet why.

[1] first paragraph:


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