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Mohammed Abdul Azeem azeemmysore at
Mon Aug 15 05:48:59 UTC 2016


Sorry, I haven't written in two weeks.

*Progress for week10 and 11:*
We made a seperate path for unknown elements and skipped tokenizing when
token handler is not set ( ) and
then we moved the load of clearing the attribute list to the consumer
thread ( ). Then we made the
legacyfastparser to take a blend of tokenized and non-tokenized elements
and attributes and used mapping to get back the string ( ). We have added a
dummytokenhandler and registered few namespaces on the test cases in
sax/qa/cppunit/xmlimport.cxx to test the correctness.

Now, for the past week I've been working on implementing XFastParser
interface and the proxying onwards to
the legacy interface inside the SvXMLImport class. But we need to implement
a tokenhandler (for complete ODF tokens) and namespace token mapping. Once
this is done, I think we can convert XML tree context handlers to use
fastcontext directly from the leaves upwards.

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