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Tue Aug 16 09:24:05 UTC 2016

Hi Jan, *

> what is the correct way to access document-specific options of an
> extension through the gui?

> The options are stored in an XNamedGraph.
> But where would the user expect to find them in the GUI?
>   * File -> Properties?

Here ^^^ given that the options are persistent i.e. they're stored in the 
document too.

>   * Extras -> Options -> Writer -> <some option page that is not global,
>     but document specific>

Rather not, Tools > Options should be really reserved for global, system-wide 
options. Not all pages therein comply to that rule though, and it's an awful, 
confusing user experience then.

Moreover, I'm not sure if it's possible at all to add a new options page via 
extension ( what this means is just that I'd have no idea whatsoever how to do 
it myself ;-) )

>   * New menu entry (the extension has its own menu in the menu bar anyway)

Or here, it should be [1] fairly easy to create simple dialogs with Basic 
dialog editor and then interface with them from whatever language your 
extension is written in (I've successfully tried and tested Java for this 
purpose). You can even define some help texts for your dialog that way.


[1] "should be", but dialog editor is plagued with many bugs

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