GSoC Project - Implementing legacy SAX parser Interface with FastParser

Mohammed Abdul Azeem azeemmysore at
Mon Aug 22 06:45:13 UTC 2016


I'd like to summarize all the work that's been done over the past three
months here.

We started with implementing a bridge (LegacyFastParser) between legacy
parser interfaces and XFastParser for the unknown elements  along with the
tests. We created a new interface XFastNamespaceHandler, which emits
namespace information for the unknown(not tokenized) elements.

Then we made LegacyFastParser to work with a combination of tokenized and
untokenized elements and attributes.

Now to move xmloff/ to use FastParser, we needed a token mapping of all the
elements and attributes and a global token handler for odf-tokens. (This is picked from Daniel's
work in feature/fastparser branch, but it is relevant to the project).

We need to make SvXMLImport to implement XFastParser interface and to lay a
foundation for using FastParser interfaces.

As a final step(yet to be done), we need convert the XML tree context
handlers to fast contexts from the leaves upwards(some of the work is
already done in feature/fastparser branch, which we can pick with slight

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