DPI and screen resolution on OS X

Kohei Yoshida libreoffice at kohei.us
Wed Feb 3 02:55:18 UTC 2016

On Wed, 2016-02-03 at 10:52 +1100, Chris Sherlock wrote:
> The other question is: why would we not want to the actual DPI and
> screen resolution?

My understanding is that, historically, the OS provided a function to
query DPI but what gets returned from such function was not always
accurate (or always not accurate depending on who you ask).  So, the
workaround at the time was to assume that DPI is always 96 (and
hard-code that value) regardless of what the OS told you, which worked
just fine because the monitors used back in the day had the same screen

I'm not sure if that's a non-issue today.  I don't know enough about
this topic to tell you that with confidence.


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