[Bug 89290] HTML export: replace tabulator characters with double spaces or ellipses (three dot leader) in Table of Contents

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Fri Feb 5 14:01:26 UTC 2016


--- Comment #9 from Michael Stahl <mstahl at redhat.com> ---
sorry Martin that nobody answered your questions before, but you're
understandably confused and on the wrong track:

the filter available from File->Export is the XHTML export filter, which is
implemented via XSLT in filter/source/xslt/odf2xhtml.  this is why you see
SwXMLExport being used, first a flat ODF document is exported and that is
converted to XHTML via that XSLT stuff.  we generally try to ignore it,
because, well, XSLT.

this bug is about the Writer HTML4 export filter, which is available from
File->Save As; it's in sw/source/filter/html and implemented in C++.

if you say that we already write the "..." then perhaps somebody
already implemented the requested feature without being aware
that this bug exists?

the problem with the missing page numbers sounds like a different bug,
please check if it's already filed, you may of course try to fix it :)

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