[Bug 87813] SIDEBAR: Incorporating the effects list into the animation tab

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--- Comment #13 from Yousuf (Jay) Philips <philipz85 at hotmail.com> ---
1) When nothing is selected, clicking on a entry in the animation list doesnt
activate category and effect drop down menus.

2) When pressing the add button, it should select Entrance->Appear not
Emphasis->Change Fill Color and no automatic preview should not be executed.

3) When clicking on an entry in Effect, there is refreshing in the sidebar that
causes problems. e.g. Effect list refreshes and selected entry goes to the top
of the list, flicker of the add/delete/up/down buttons.

4) When changing the Category, the first entry in the Effect list is selected,
which would confuse users to believe that it is now selected.

5) When an entry in the animation list is deleted, it should select the entry
in the same position. If there isnt any entry in that position because it was
the last entry of the list, then it should select the entry above it, if there
was one. Basically a user should be able to click the Delete button multiple
times without having to select another entry in the animation list.

6) In the Effect drop down menu, it would be useful to have the effect group
names (e.g. Basic, Special, ...) left aligned rather than centered and have the
effect names indented, similar to a tree view, as it would be easier to view
the list.

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