[Bug 89657] The lang-pack installation mechanism on OSX unacceptable -- needs refactoring for better installation UX

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--- Comment #18 from barefootguru <tom at tomrobinson.co.nz> ---
While I don't have any stats on the number of people affected by this, I think
the current system is unacceptable and user hostile:

- you shouldn't have to download 2 things to install LO.  Almost no other Mac
app has this requirement

- running the 2 apps in the wrong order results in a broken LO installation. 
Obscure web pages are a pathetic user-unfriendly mitigation.

LO needs a single installer or drag-and-drop install, like almost every other
Mac app.

As for the suggested workaround @Foote, you missed a few steps:

1. Download LO
2. Find and download desired language pack
3. Find and read obscure web page, so you don't break your install
4. Install and run LO, immediately quit it
5. Install language pack
6. Run LO and switch to desired language
7. Restart LO so language change takes effect

Repeat every time there's a new release.

It should be:

1. Download LO
2. Install LO
3. Run LO (LO remembers your language preference)

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