[Bug 89657] The lang-pack installation mechanism on OSX unacceptable -- needs refactoring for better installation UX

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--- Comment #20 from Frank Fuchs <fuchs_frank at freenet.de> ---

I beg to differ as a really long time StarOffice/OOo/LO user - and MAC user
since 3 years:
The problem is even worse than barefootguru described: Because the language
packs are not signed, you have open the language pack (the one within the .dmg)
with a "right click" and then acknowledge installing from an unsigned
installation package - something Apple warns you not to do.
If you look at all these steps needed, I'm fairly sure a "normal" (i.e. non-IT)
user will have major difficulties and likely fail w/o IT support.

My 2 cents:
I think the LO team needs to accept that support for a specific platform like
OSX requires a "minimum" of platform specific support - and this starts with a
user-friendly and secure way to install the application in line with the
operating system's guidelines.
And: If I look at the Windows version of LO, it certainly uses a lot of
Windows-specific installation magic (e.g. the registry) to ensure proper

My recommendation:
If the LO team is unsure about the best "long-term" solution, a "quick fix"
needs to be provided, soon. I believe an easy one is to provide exactly one
single *signed* package (including all the language files). While this requires
somewhat more space on your permanent storage device, I'm firmly convinced that
this is the lesser evil (esp. taking into account current storage medium
prices). That'll give everyone enough time to work on a more intelligent
installation process (maybe like the one on Windows where you select what parts
of LO and which languages you want to install).

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