parsing massive ODT doc in Writer?

Yury yury.tarasievich at
Wed Feb 10 16:17:42 UTC 2016

Oliver Specht <Oliver.Specht <at>> writes:

> > On bugzilla I was told to bring the issue here, 
> > because 'it was not for the bugzilla'.

> there's already an issue with the document attached?

Actually, there WAS an issue, It was resolved
as 'invalid'.

> Parsing is probably not slowing down but inserting content into the
> document might take longer while the document grows.

Yes, but stock 5.1.0.* and (locally built) both open this same file
without an issue. If only somebody knowledgeable could, like, make a good guess.

Meanwhile, I'm bracing myself for the attempt to learn profiling, like
Jan-Marek tells me. :)


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