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--- Comment #3 from Michael Meeks <michael.meeks at collabora.com> ---
I suspect the ambiguity is unpleasant - ie. if there are two constructors with
similar arguments we should have nice, readable, descriptive enum that
distinguishes between the two use-cases; rather than a random number that is
always the same value nAlphaBitCount added to the end =)

It seems we have:

ScopedVclPtrInstance<VirtualDevice> pDevice(&aData, Size(1, 1),

I wonder if we could overload something into the vdev creation along those
lines; not sure.

Beyond that the bigger problem is that VirtualDevices get created at a 1x1 size
initially - complete with OS resources behind them, which are slow & expensive
to create - and then we re-size them deleting the original stuff =) really the
creation needs to have a smoother flow that passes in the size correctly.

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