A suggestion for "Get Involved" page

Tor Lillqvist tml at iki.fi
Sat Feb 13 20:31:04 UTC 2016

> The <short description of bug> is to describe what was the problem. For
> most bugs you cannot (should not) describe how you solved it in just one
> line.

I disagree here. In many cases I think it is wrong to simply repeat the bug
title in the commit message of the commit that (partly or wholly) fixes the
bug. Instead the commit message should say what the commit does. That it
fixes a specific bug is just a side-effect, a note.

Sure, it is impossible in many cases to accurately describe everything a
change does in just one line. To provide a good one-line summary is an art
form;) But please do try. Don't just repeat the bug title.

Also (this is also personal preference, and might be just bike-shedding) a
commit message should be in present tense. It should say what the change
*does*. Not what it "did".

And, as it is just one line, avoid any extra punctuation if you want to
cram a meaningful description into it. I personally also don't see the
usefulness in putting the "module" name as a prefix on the commit message.
But I know that many esteemed colleagues disagree.

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