[Bug 88796] Enhancement - Mysql native connector extension - add automatic reconnect to server capability in connector code after idle timeout

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--- Comment #15 from tim at tim-passingham.co.uk ---
I too have this problem using the Native MySQL Connector.  I get 'MySQL Server
has gone away' quite regularly and although I have tried to tweak timeouts on
the MySQL side I've never got rid of the problem entirely.

Am I right in assuming that to add parameters to the connection string using
JDBC one simply adds them to the database name in the connection properties
dialogue, so that if my database is called DB it becomes something like


and so on?

I'm reluctant to use JDBC because it is quite a bit slower on my system, and
has strange issues where sometimes it returns no data for the first few
attempts at opening a form to show data (doesn't much matter which one of
many), and then all of a sudden it works. I can't reproduce this reliably
enough to report it properly.  It also took me ages to find the tinyInt1isBit
tweak, and I was on the verge of reporting the tinybit(1) problem when I found
Alex & Lionel's very useful report on the topic.

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