Question about values getPartPageRectangles.

Stef Bon stefbon at
Mon Feb 15 22:54:35 UTC 2016


I'm working on a viewer for officefiles uing lokit.

Right now I'm just writing tests, getting used with the api.
My testprogram writes the type, the size and the output of the'
call getPartPageRectangles:

[sbon at ws-001 test-lokit]$ ./lokit /home/sbon/Documenten/opinieict.odt
Type : 0
Size (TWIPS) WxH: 12474 x 17406
PartPageRectangles: 284, 284, 11906, 16838

What do these last values mean?
In the .hxx file the comment says:"logical rectangle of each part".
What are these?

Stef Bon

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