Deadlock in HSQLDB

Michael Stahl mstahl at
Thu Feb 18 12:21:43 UTC 2016

On 18.02.2016 13:13, Stephan Bergmann wrote:
> Running JunitTest_dbaccess_complex happened to deadlock the soffice.bin 
> process for me once (non-reproducibly), and jstack shows that there is a 
> deadlock in HSQLDB Java code in the in-process JVM:
> At least at first sight, this smells more like a bug in HSQLDB itself 
> than like a problem caused by invalid use of HSQLDB from LO code.

yes, i thought the same when i filed tdf#96387 about it :)

seems to be pretty rare though, only seen it *once* in make check.

> According to Wikipedia, the current stable release of HSQLDB is 2.3.3 
> (from June 2015), while LO's external/hsqldb appears to be 1.8.0 (at 
> least, the tarball we use is named 
> And LO's checks that the version is indeed 1.8,
>    AC_MSG_ERROR([no, you need hsqldb >= but < 1.8.1])
> so looks like we're stuck with that, for whatever reason?  Anybody knows?

file format compatibility - later versions of hsqldb write files that
the 1.8.0 version can't read, which impacts ODB files.

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