Question about values getPartPageRectangles.

Stef Bon stefbon at
Fri Feb 19 09:01:46 UTC 2016

2016-02-18 9:29 GMT+01:00 Toma┼ż Vajngerl <quikee at>:
> Hi,

>> What do these last values mean?
>> In the .hxx file the comment says:"logical rectangle of each part".
>> What are these?
> A writer document is always rendered complete with all pages, so in
> that case the size will tell you the dimensions of the whole document.
> Usually this is enough but sometimes you also need want to know where
> the actual pages are located in the document. This is what
> getPartPageRectangles returns - the rectangles of pages in the
> document.

Aha  I see. I've added another page, and now I get the values:

[sbon at ws-001 test-lokit]$ ./lokit /home/sbon/Documenten/opinieict02.fodt
Type : 0
Size (TWIPS) WxH: 12474 x 34528
PartPageRectangles: 284, 284, 11906, 16838; 284, 17406, 11906, 16838

So there are two "logical rectangles", one at (284, 284, +11906,
+16838) and one at (284, 17406, +11906, +16838)

I understand that the values with a + are relative to the startpoint
(the first two), which is absolute. Is this right?

And 284 + 11906 is not equal to the startpoint of the next rectangle,
which is 17406. How come?


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