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Jim Cobley jimc at
Thu Feb 18 10:13:52 UTC 2016

1Mb up & 4Mb down - Remote NAS - LO
Using LO was v.slow until I set the temp folder to a local drive - now 
it is "within expectations" for remote file access.
In my case I need the remote lock for multi-system/user access

On startup selecting "File-Recent" takes ages presumably while remote 
files (many) are checked to see if they are there - this is what should 
be spun off. I already know if my network is up or down and if the file 
is likely to have been removed or not so a recent file can still be 
listed as recent. It was initially very unnerving to see many missing 
from the recent list when the Internet link was down at system startup 
(!?@ NFS & Mount)
Better to just be told "Can't find file" when and if an inaccessible 
file is selected but continue to list as recent if it really was.

On 18/02/16 06:22, Steven Howe wrote:
> I use DSL. I have 128K bits up, 1 mbits down. This is not uncommon.
> Some issue with 'remote' file mode.
> 1) saving takes forever. The lock state is not good for remote file 
> save. Spin that task off. That's what multithreading is for.
> 2) local temp storage vs network. Use local for recovery. Not everyone 
> has gigibit bandwidth. Image I start the program and has to connect to 
> google drive to even finish starting up? What If my network is down? 
> Local lock files please.
> I'd like to type 'ctrl-s' and get back to work, not wait for my Google 
> Drive to release me, if ever. I wait minutes the first time I use this 
> version. Let that process run in the background. Get back to typing.
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