Are vcl Global Shortcuts and localized accelerators diverging?

V Stuart Foote VStuart.Foote at
Sat Feb 20 15:00:05 UTC 2016

Hey "Devs", 

Please excuse me for poking in here out of turn... 

But, seems like there is some divergence and loss of function for Global
short-cuts as defined in  keycod.cxx
and behavior of Accelerators assigned in Accelerators.xcu

A bit unclear to me what the hierarchy is supposed to resolve, but it seems
like some of the vcl assigned short-cuts are becoming non-functional in
elements of the GUI.   It seems like assignments Global or per Module made
in Accelerators.xcu for function or localization assert, but that actions on
the Main menu do not.

Are short-cuts on the menu drawn from vcl? Or do they have to be fully
assigned in the .xcu?  And are they?

And, is there some OpenGL context or GTK+3 facet to some of this apparent
loss of short-cut control of the GUI?

This is kind of an open question--more because I am not sure exactly how
this is supposed to work. So,  rather than opening a specific BZ report, the
selection ref'd below should suffice as examples of what seems to be an


tdf#92516 <>  
tdf#95410 <>  
tdf#97511 <>  

even   tdf#97942 <> 
, but this is not a vcl assignment--more a mystery as to where the global
went missing in the dialog. 

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