Help regarding bug tdf#43514 (Rohan Kumar)

jan iversen jani at
Sun Feb 21 10:51:31 UTC 2016


> What i'm really doing is traversing the document and breaking out of the loop whenever i encounter the Currently outlined entry. But it's not working except for headings and tables. when I asked on IRC they told me static_cast<..> doesn't work on SwOutlineContent. I would really appreciate if anyone could guide me in the right direction about how can i achieve this(when static cast is not working).
When you were told on IRC that static cast is not working, a  logical reason can be, is that there are multiple objects, so you need to work around that.

As with many problems in our code, it is often a matter of trying, and seeing what happens. Gdb is your friend here, setting a breakpoint, and examining the state (and objects) of SwOutlineContent.

jan I

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