Compilation on OS X 10.11

Stephan Bergmann sbergman at
Mon Feb 22 11:36:11 UTC 2016

On 02/21/2016 06:45 PM, Quentin Pradet wrote:
> After first trying to compile LibreOffice on my system last week, I just
> found out today that LibreOffice did not compile on OS X 10.11
> <>
> but that disabling Firebird fixed the issue
> <>.
> It *is* written in bold, but I just went to "Quick pre-canned setup" and
> expected it to work, but I had to add "--disable-firebird-sdbc" to
> autogen.input.
> Is there an entry on Bugzilla? I did not find one. Since I can reproduce
> the issue on my system, I would like to help fixing it.

"For now, firebird doe snot build on macosx 10.11" made building on Mac 
OS X 10.11 default to --disable-firebird-sdbc (while all other 
environments defaulted to --enable-firebird-sdbc).

"firebird compat issue with macosx 10.11 was fixed by sberg some time 
ago" erroneously assumed that the underlying problem had gone and that 
--enable-firebird-sdbc could be made the default again on Mac OS X 
10.11, too.  But what the commit actually did was erroneously make 
--disable-firebird-sdbc the default in /all/ environments.

"Make --enable-firebird-sdbc the default again" fixed the previous 
commit, and made --enable-firebird-sdbc the general default again.  It 
did not bother to re-introduce a special case for Mac OS X 10.11, though.

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