Writer and Draw may want to implement wildcard search

Eike Rathke erack at redhat.com
Fri Feb 26 21:22:04 UTC 2016


We now have a simple "Use Wildcards" search (* and ? wildcards with
\ escape) available in the Find&Replace dialog. It is *not* the weird
wildcards implemented by MS-Word's Advanced Find, which would be a mix
of shell wildcards and some fragments but not quite of regular
expressions plus some own peculiarities. Instead of these we have
full-blown regular expressions. It is more the very simple Excel
wildcards, but with \ instead of ~ as escape character, in preparation
for an office-wide usage.

This currently is visible and working only in Calc because it needs
some adaption in the applications to support the new algoritm type
css::util::SearchAlgorithms2::WILDCARD of the
css::util::SearchOptions2::AlgorithmType2 field, respectively
SvxSearchItem::GetWildcard() and/or the css::util::SearchDescriptor
service's SearchWildcard property.

In Writer I adapted all places that used css::util::SearchOptions to now
use css::util::SearchOptions2 and css::util::SearchAlgorithms2 constants
instead of css::util::SearchAlgorithms enums.

It would need to inspect places where currently a check for
css::util::SearchOptions2::AlgorithmType2 ==
css::util::SearchOptions2::SearchAlgorithms2::REGEXP or APPROXIMATE or
SvxSearchItem::GetRegExp() takes place and additionally support
WILDCARD or SvxSearchItem::GetWildcard(). Likely the handling is similar
to APPROXIMATE or REGEXP without ReplaceBackReferences().

To activate the checkbox for Writer or Draw see
svx/source/dialog/srchdlg.cxx places with TODO:WILDCARD comment.

Happy wildcarding ;-)


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