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Stef Bon stefbon at
Mon Feb 29 09:07:31 UTC 2016

2016-02-23 13:58 GMT+01:00 Miklos Vajna <vmiklos at>:

> There is Edit -> Track changes -> Compare document. First I would check
> if the result on the desktop is good enough for your purposes. If so,
> you can send that uno command from your "viewer" (it won't be a viewer
> anymore :-) ), then paintTile() will provide you with the compared view.
> You need to check if the relevant uno command works in a non-interactive
> way -- the convention at many places is that if you send a command
> without parameters, then it's interactive, but if you pass enough
> arguments, then it's not. Obviously for the LibreOfficeKit use-case you
> want the non-interactive case. If the uno command is currently
> unconditionally interactive, then patches are welcome to make it
> conditionally non-interactive (by adding new parameters to have enough
> information without an interaction).


I understand that for every interactive command there is an equivalent "uno".
I've seen already a call in lokit api for that.

Where can I find more about uno's?

Btw I already experimented with the Track Changes -> Compare document,
but the first thing I see
is a tabel of all changes found. In the noninteractrive viewer this is unwanted.
The format of how the changes in the document are presented is ok,
maybe it,s better to show only the paragraps which have
been changed in a userfriendly way, not the rest. Users should not get
the full document, only
the changes, but should get an impression of the pages, where in the
document the changes are. This is no question,
but I share my thoughts.

Thanks anyway for your answer,

Stef Bon
the Netherlands

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