Chart: Y-axis automatic logarithmic scale

Laurent BP jumbo4444 at
Sun Jan 3 04:46:45 PST 2016


In ScaleAutomatism::calculateExplicitIncrementAndScaleForLogarithmic
function [1], Y-axis automatic logarithmic scale is expand to B^0 (i.e. 1)
in almost all cases. 
In step 2, it is said [2]
/*  If minimum is less than 5 (i.e. original source values less than
    B^5, B being the base of the scaling), or if minimum and maximum
    are in different increment intervals (means, if minimum and maximum
    are not both in the range [B^n,B^(n+1)] for a whole number n), set
    minimum to 0, which results in B^0=1 on the axis. */

I do not agree with this comment because on a log scale, "1" has no special
meaning: it is not the origin, like "0" is on a linear scale. I would
propose a patch to suppress this part, but there are may be some good
reasons to expand to 1?

I opened bug 96871 [3] about this.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Best regards,

Laurent BP


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