How to get HelpId ?

Regina Henschel rb.henschel at
Mon Jan 4 11:46:54 PST 2016

Hi all,

I need some help, how HelpIds are generated. I have set the environment 
variable HELP_DEBUG, so I see the hid which belongs to the extended tip. 
Unfortunately extended tips are not always shown.

Example A:
In the start center the hid for the icon "Templates" is
and it shows the extended tip defined for that hid in file 
And in the file /core/sfx2/uiconfig/ui/startcenter.ui I find
<object class="GtkButton" id="templates_all:filtermenu">
But how does that fit together?

Example B:
When you open the drop-down-list from that button, the last item is 
'Edit Templates'. But it has no extended tip. Why not? Is that the same 
bug as #76644?
 From what this item does I guess it should be ".uno:TemplateManager" or 
".uno:NewDoc". When the item has the focus and I press F1, I get an 
empty help.
What is the hid of this item (and the others)?

Example C:
Start the Template Manager for example by click on item 'Edit 
Templates'. In the Template Manager window I see a lot of "hid" in the 
extended tip, e.g. 'sfx/ui/templatedlg/template_view'. That seems to 
belong to '<object class="sfxlo-TemplateLocalView" id="template_view">' 
from /core/sfx2/uiconfig/ui/templatedlg.ui.

But I also see simple 'save', 'new_folder', 'import' ... without a 
'sfx/ui/templatedlg/' or similar prefix. Are they usable as hid in this 
short kind? If not, what is the complete hid? On F1 I get the auxiliary 
page /text/swriter/main0000.xhp. Is there a way to show which hid was 
actually searched for?

Kind regards

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