Is there a limit to the number of layers in a Writer Doc

Michael Stahl mstahl at
Wed Jan 6 13:52:07 PST 2016

On 06.01.2016 16:16, SOS wrote:
> Different objects (Images , Shapes...) can been moved (Arranged) back en 
> forward in a Writer Doc.
> Bring to Front
> Bring forward
> Send Backward
> Send to back
> Our editors are some times confronted with a situation where Writer 
> (after saving and reopening) lost the saved position (layer) of some 
> objects.
> When using multiple times "Bring Forward" or "Bring Backward" Writer 
> seems to lose control over the layers, on screen it looks  correct but 
> after saving and reopening some objects are moved to a wrong layer.
> As a workaround and to repair ,we advised only to use "Bring to Front" 
> and "Send to Back" who  limits the number of used layers.
> So:
> Is there  a limit on the used layers who can been saved?
> If there is a limit, then a warning is needed to avoid the loss of layers.
> Is it a  bug who must been reported ? but who is very hard to 
> reconstruct because we never could lay the finger on the real problem, 
> to many objects or to many layers ?

there is a very small number of layers, to a first approximation there
are "Hell" (below text), "Heaven" (above text) and "Form Control" layers.

however all floating objects are totally ordered with a z-order number
(with a limit of at least 2^31, stored as draw:z-index in ODF) and it's
quite possible that there are some obscure bugs where the z-order
numbers aren't updated properly; clearly if the ordering is different
across save/re-load then that is a bug, please find out how to reproduce
that and file it in bugzilla.

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