Is there a limit to the number of layers in a Writer Doc

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Thu Jan 7 00:45:46 PST 2016

On 7/01/2016 0:59, Chris Sherlock wrote:
> I’ve just seen on IRC that there is at least one known issue with z-ordering already logged in bugzilla:
The first description is exactly the same problem !

The problems starts when using "Bring Forward" and "Send Backward" we 
never had problems when only using "Bring to Front" or "Send To Back" or 
with a limited use of "Bring Forward" and "Send Backward"
After reading  the post from  Michael Stahl the conclusion could be that 
the Z-order at a certain point in the editing process visualy visualy 
been changed bij using "Bring Forward" and "Send Backward" but no longer 
can been "saved".
When reopening the document the object seems to  be in "heaven" or in 
After using  "Bring to Front" or "Send To Back" the Z-order can again 
been saved , so i suppose "Send to Front" means "Place in "Heaven" 
without z-ordering ?

I found a document who i attached to the issue. The problem is very easy 
to notice when comparing the  (also attached) image of the document 
before saving with what we see after opening the document

  Fernand, the bug report is sort of long, but does this look like it 
could be a similar issue? What would be *really* helpful is an exact set 
of steps to reproduce the problem, but I know that’s sometimes quite 
difficult to get hold of. :-) Maybe some sort of test matrix of actions 
needs to be put together, though this could get too large to manage 
after a certain number of objects and actions moving the objects 
backwards and forwards occur. Chris
>> On 7 Jan 2016, at 10:51 AM, Chris Sherlock <chris.sherlock79 at> wrote:
>> Hey guys, cc’ing in the mailing list :-)
>> FWIW, can any developer point to the location of code that handles z-order within Writer drawings? I’m curious now myself!
>>> On 7 Jan 2016, at 3:54 AM, SOS <sos at> wrote:
>>> On 6/01/2016 17:35, Chris Sherlock wrote:
>>>> This is most certainly a bug. But are you saying this occurs because of the number of times you bring an object forward and backwards,
>>> using "Bring to Front " and using "Send to Back"  never gives problem ( i suppose using only 2 layers)
>> If it’s possible to locate an exact set of steps the users uses to get the problem, that would be very helpful :-)
>>> only when the user uses "Bring Forward" or "Send Backward" to match the problems occur
>>>> or are you saying the document has lots of layers and you then seem to see the issue?
>>> we do not  can see how many layers there are used
>>>> Do you have an example document?
>>> i probably can find one or we trie to reproduce one. Can I send it to your mail adress ?
>> If it’s a confidential document, it’s best not to send to me. I’m not entirely certain how The Document Foundation handles confidential documents. Perhaps Michael Meeks or one of the more experienced devs might be able to help out.
>> If the document isn’t confidential, attach it to a bug report.
>> To log a bug, the location is
>> I would suggest creating an account for each member of your organization, and if you need updates and you have a central email address add that the CC list in bugzilla. If you get stuck with bugzilla, feel free to email me off list and I’m happy to assist.
>> Chris
>>>> Chris
>>>>> On 7 Jan 2016, at 2:16 AM, SOS <sos at> wrote:
>>>>> Different objects (Images , Shapes...) can been moved (Arranged) back en forward in a Writer Doc.
>>>>> Bring to Front
>>>>> Bring forward
>>>>> Send Backward
>>>>> Send to back
>>>>> Our editors are some times confronted with a situation where Writer (after saving and reopening) lost the saved position (layer) of some objects.
>>>>> When using multiple times "Bring Forward" or "Bring Backward" Writer seems to lose control over the layers, on screen it looks  correct but after saving and reopening some objects are moved to a wrong layer.
>>>>> As a workaround and to repair ,we advised only to use "Bring to Front" and "Send to Back" who  limits the number of used layers.
>>>>> So:
>>>>> Is there  a limit on the used layers who can been saved?
>>>>> If there is a limit, then a warning is needed to avoid the loss of layers.
>>>>> Is it a  bug who must been reported ? but who is very hard to reconstruct because we never could lay the finger on the real problem, to many objects or to many layers ?
>>>>> Greetz
>>>>> Fernand
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