How to decrypt ods file

Michael Stahl mstahl at
Thu Jan 7 05:37:18 PST 2016

On 07.01.2016 10:15, Zhang, William wrote:
> 1.       Open a .ods file manually, save it with password.
> /2.       /In code, execute *“SpreadsheetDocument.loadDocument(File
> file, String password)**”*, it always throw NullPointer Exception.//
> ->After checking the source code, the code in ZipHelper.line87:
> *System.getProperty(**“Java.version**”).equals(**…) *in try/catch will
> throw NullPointer.

that sounds like a bug.

> Based on this situation, I don’t know if you tried with this API before.
> And do you have some more information?

no i haven't - i only use (and occasionally improve) the ODF Validator,
which uses only some parts of ODFDOM.

i suggest you ask on the ODF Toolkit mailing lists and/or file bugs in
the JIRA tracker.

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