New FORECAST.ETS function in Calc

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On Thursday, 2016-01-07 16:44:59 +0100, dev-list LO wrote:

> That are 6 functions, with long names, e.g.
> As an alternative I could add an optional argument to the function,
> indicating whether (1) additive, (2) multiplicative or (3) the best of the
> two is to be used for forecasts. IMHO the default value of the argument
> should be 3.
> On export/import to/from xlsx, this extra argument can be removed/inserted
> with value 1.

The problem with such extra parameters is always that you can not remove
them on export if they aren't literal values, i.e. some expression or
just a reference to a cell. Also, if an argument is used that is not the
default value you can not remove it. These cases will make
interoperability fail.

So, as cumbersome as it is and polluting the Function Wizard, extra
functions should be introduced instead.


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