[Bug 55066] FILEOPEN: flaws in importing 123 files

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--- Comment #17 from osnola <alonso at loria.fr> ---

(In reply to Shubham Tibra from comment #15)
> I'd like to work on this bug, is it still open to work on.
> But I'll need some help. I am new here.
> I didn't understand how the import code works and how it uses the file
> format?
> Can someone help me?

the source of the LibreOffice's filter(*) are in sc/source/filter/lotus.
For instance, the version number of universal-content.123 (0x1005) is read in
https://docs.libreoffice.org/sc/html/filter_8cxx_source.html#l00109, so this
function will return eWK123...

(*) concerning older Lotus's files, there are read via the libwps's filter :
the entry point on the source is
http://sourceforge.net/p/libwps/code/ci/master/tree/src/lib/Lotus.cpp#l310 ...

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