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Sun Jan 10 10:37:17 PST 2016

Thank you, Julien!  Thank you, Chris!

I've been able to setup a Linux Mint 17.1 install with build-prep, git
clone libreoffice, compile it (whew!), run it from the command line, make
the kdevelop projects, load module_sc into kdevelop, and I've located the
NumberFormatPropertyPanel.* files in module_sc/source/ui/sidebar/.  I don't
know if there's a tool to edit the .ui and .hrc files, and I'm wondering
also if the .hxx and .cxx aren't generated ??

So ... where do I go from here?  I assume to the #irc channel. :-)  Is
there a video tutorial on the class layout?

Basically I would like to add an option to here:

Which looks like this and has these options:

I keep it in these metric ranges because it appears to be 64-bit floating
point values that are used, and they have a maximum of 15 or 16 significant
digits, allowing for the last 3 digits to be in the uncertainty range.

Beyond the basic input, obviously to add whatever supportive code is
required to translate a cell's value into that format for
display/rendering.  I'm not sure how it's done in LibreOffice, so I'll need
to learn that.

I appreciate any help, and have enjoyed getting it setup thus far.  The
first time it ran with "Development Build" I was like ... "YES!  SCORE!" :-)

Best regards,
Rick C. Hodgin
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