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Tue Jan 12 23:57:25 PST 2016

On 13/01/2016 5:27, Bryan Quigley wrote:
> Hi Rick,
> ActiveX is deprecated by Microsoft and will be less useful (or not at
> all) on newer MS browsers.  I'm unsure if it ever worked (or was
> supposed to) let you embed ActiveX controls into LibreOffice itself.

Basic code running a Windows Mediaplayer:

  if oSimpleFileAcces.Exists(filelocation) then
                     MPlayer = CreateObject("WMPlayer.OCX.7")

works still fine under 5.1.0

> Kind regards,
> Bryan
> On Mon, Jan 11, 2016 at 10:08 PM, Rick C. Hodgin
> <rick.c.hodgin at> wrote:
>> Why are you removing ActiveX from LibreOffice? Excel supports it, and it is
>> desirable for integration with Windows apps like C#, Visual Basic, Visual
>> FoxPro. It allows those other apps to integrate the app directly into their
>> app.
>> I have tried to use it previously, but could not find documentation for it.
>> If it's an unused feature, I'd suggest that's why than for other reasons.
>> Best regards,
>> Rick C. Hodgin
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>> From: Chris Sherlock
>> Sent: Mon, 11/01/2016 08:21 PM
>> To: Ashod Nakashian
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>> Subject: Re: Remove ActiveX from LibreOffice
>> That sounds pretty reasonable to me.
>> Out of interest, just how “integrated” is this with the code? If someone
>> wanted to create an external project on GitHub or some place like this,
>> would it be feasible?
>> I guess I’m trying to understand how much of core it touches… to reimplement
>> an ActiveX control outside of the main tree, would a developer need to fork
>> LibreOffice entirely, or could they maintain their codebranch entirely
>> seperately and update the control if necessary after we do our changes to
>> the main codebase?
>> I’m definitely for removing all vestiges of ActiveX from LO, but the more I
>> think about it the more I can see that some corporation somewhere might be
>> affected, far more so than the remove of NPAPI… giving them the option of a
>> control that can be maintained outside of the main project would be nice :-)
>> Chris
>> On 12 Jan 2016, at 9:37 AM, Ashod Nakashian <ashnakash at> wrote:
>> On Mon, Jan 11, 2016 at 2:32 PM, Bryan Quigley <gquigs at> wrote:
>>> Anywhere else we should post this?
>> Ideally the note would show up unintrusively upon loading/using the ActiveX
>> itself. Unfortunately we can't show a message box or some such UI, in case
>> the ActiveX is used non-interactively (in which case it'd block forever,
>> becoming unusable).
>> So the next best thing to do is include the note in the installation, which
>> should be hard to miss if made prominent (unless automated in silent mode).
>> This would get the attention of possibly the users, if not the developers
>> (who might not even test out new versions as they come out, and expect
>> things to work as before). Users can contact developers, I expect, or at
>> least plan accordingly. Regardless, all we want is to give advance warning
>> before the day someone installs a newer version and be met with the surprise
>> of missing ActiveX altogether.
>> The installation and release notes seem to be the most reasonable places, if
>> not upon using the ActiveX itself. Unless others have better ideas.
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