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Michael Meeks michael.meeks at
Sun Jan 17 23:54:00 PST 2016

Hi Mark,

On Sat, 2016-01-16 at 21:36 +0800, Mark Hung wrote:
> I'd look into performance issue. 

	Thanks =) should be an easy tweak there.

> Is there any benchmark or unit test that I can use to check
> performance enhancement ?

	Looking at a profile quickly; it seems that I get about 300k calls to
this method while saving - 140m pcycles - which to be fair is 0.1% of
save time =) so in fact not a big issue now I look more carefully [ at
least for XLSX. DOCX etc. may use it more, but there is far less XML
content there ].

> And what do you mean by regression test for the characters?

	Ah - that is simple; just create a document, add a character string
that hits this code-path, save as XLSX (using fast-parser) and re-load
it, and check that the string is the same.


	Is a great piece of code to read for that =) but of course calc
focused; more ideally we'd test just the FastSerializer =)

	Thanks !


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