[Bug 97080] FILEOPEN: Need broader filter for delimited text files ("Text CSV" only includes *.csv)

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--- Comment #3 from Mike Ruskai <thannyd at earthlink.net> ---
(In reply to David Tardon from comment #1)
> (In reply to Mike Ruskai from comment #0)
> > It's a bit of a PITA to open a delimited text file with Calc, as the "Text"
> > filter always loads the document in Writer
> That is not true. If the file is opened from an existing Calc window, it
> will be opened in Calc too.

I take it you're aware by now that this claim is not true.  Opening a delimited
text file from Calc using the "Text" filter sends the file to Writer.

> > and the "Text CSV" filter only
> > lists *.csv files.
> That is because this filter is import/export, and 'csv' is the extension for
> export. I don't know if there can be more than one.

Normal UI design uses a filter with all eligible extensions for opening a file,
with a specific extension for saving a file.  The latter can either be through
separate filters, or a filter with multiple extensions selected via a dropdown
on the file dialog.

> This filter uses 'Text' type, which is also used by Writer. So the detection
> code contains a few simple heuristics that try to guess if the file should
> be opened in Writer or Calc. I think a possible course of action is to
> define a separate type for it, say 'Delimited Text'.

Such a separate filter is what I think makes the most sense.  It's really what
"Text CSV" already is, save without the file extension limitation.  That filter
is currently the only way to save a delimited text file of any kind.

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