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Thu Jan 21 01:14:20 PST 2016

Hi Alfieri,
Le 21/01/2016 03:57, alfieri morillo a écrit :
> Hello good evening, I am responsible for libreoffice Venezuela and its web, I
> wonder if the theme used on its official website available for the use of
> the web that we work through our websites occurs to me that we can all
> use a single
> subject as the default, I hope not bother, thank you very much! Reference I
> leave the place I've been

Thanks for supporting LibreOffice! You're posting on the developer list,
best is to resent your message to the website list where the team will
be able to help you with your request. Here is how to proceed to join
the list:
go to the website at global.libreoffice.org

Kind regards
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