[Bug 66754] Remove own implementations of various Perl functions in installer

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Mon Jan 25 18:18:18 PST 2016


--- Comment #6 from Josh Baldwin <josh.baldwin.42 at gmail.com> ---
Hello, I would like to take up this task as my first LO commit.  I will start
with just one file though, to make sure I understand the process.  Then I will
change all create_directory() to make_path().  After that, I can research more
functions we can move into the core and leave those findings here for more new

Question though for Taylor:
>I argue that there are many calls to >installer::systemactions::create_directory($var), so does changing all calls to >"make_path($var, {mode=0775})" make sense?  Maybe having mode in a central >function is a good thing?  Not sure.

I do follow your questions.  Can you explain your thought process in more
detail?  Thanks!

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