WebDAV provider tests: how about interacting with a server?

Giuseppe Castagno giuseppe.castagno at acca-esse.eu
Wed Jan 27 01:33:48 PST 2016

Hi all,

after the first very trivial test on WebDAV provider, I would like to 
implement the 'real' unit tests with a server.

The reason is obvious: in the end is with an external server that 
ucp.webdav will interact.

This will permit to stimulate all the three layers the provider has 
(roughly: component layer, session layer, interface library).

A local test, e.g. without a server, can only test a very small part of 
the whole provider operations.

The test I'd like to implement is the normal run of tests I did manually 
so far:

1) load a file to a server and check if the file is locked;
2) close the file, check if unlocked;
3) try the open/edit/save operation and check if the file is still locked;

more tests...

Plus tests to stimulate the Web functionality (read data from Web), the 
extensions update mechanism (that use webdav provider to read the new 
extension version information and get the new extension if the user 
wishes so), etc...

Because an external server is needed, this test cannot be run in normal 
build, should be run manually from the test/developer instead.
A dedicated make target should be implemented for that.

Comments appreciated.

Kind Regards,
Giuseppe Castagno aka beppec56
Acca Esse http://www.acca-esse.eu
giuseppe.castagno at acca-esse.eu

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