[Bug 87743] Pack LibreOffice for PlayOnLinux for QA

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--- Comment #14 from Björn Michaelsen <bjoern.michaelsen at canonical.com> ---
Also from #playonlinux:

> petch2: quick script review: http://pastebin.com/raw/RcsgwRJ7

(copied below for archive):

TITLE="LibreOffice 4.4.3"

$TITLE will have to match the script name in the repository, so I'd recommend
against including the version here, or the script will have to be renamed when
the version changes


Similarly, unless you want to support installing different versions
side-by-side, I'd recommend not including version in the prefix name (or say
not the whole version if you want to support installing different major

On the other hand it could be useful to store the version in some variable to
avoid repeating it in several places in the script.

POL_SetupWindow_browse "Please select the setup file to run." "$TITLE"

All user oriented messages must support localization mechanism

POL_Wine_WaitBefore "$TITLE"
POL_SetupWindow_wait "$(eval_gettext 'Installation in progress.')" "$TITLE"

POL_Wine_WaitBefore displays a standard wait message, the POL_SetupWindow_wait
is redundan

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