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jan iversen jani at
Sat Jun 4 08:05:26 UTC 2016


I started a while ago to look at our development wiki pages, they contain an awful load of  very useful information, it is however amazing to see how well hidden some of the information are.

I created a new page (ONLY for maintenance, and keeping track of what needs to be done):

The page contains extracts from Wiki's special pages, and each section calls for a special kind of work. Participation is welcomed, but please do not edit this page unless the work is done :-)

My intention is
first) solve orphans, redirects etc.
second) group all pages in meta groups, lilke one group for everything about build
third) update the entry page to provide links to the groups
fourth) slowly walk through the pages and make sure they are accurate

This is a rather big undertaking, but I hope by taking the initiative to motivate others to help.

have a nice weekend
jan I. 
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