converting Calc functions to jump functions

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Mon Jun 6 09:43:52 UTC 2016

Hi Winfried,

On Monday, 2016-06-06 10:30:25 +0200, Winfried Donkers wrote:

> > Apart from that,  aCode.Jump( pJump[ nIdx ], pJump[ pJump[ 0 ] ] ) looks
> > wrong to me, pJump[0] returns an offset into the RPN array, which can't be
> > used as an index for another pJump.
> I changed the code in my mail, the actual line reads
> aCode.Jump( pJump[ nIdx ], pJump[ nJumpCount ] );
> and nJumpCount has the value of pJump[ 0 ].

Ah right, that makes sense if it was literally pJump[0] and not any
other pJump[x], it slipped my attention that 0 one is the total jump
count. Sorry for fuzz.


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