GSoC Weekly Report #2 - Table Styles

Jakub Trzebiatowski at
Mon Jun 6 13:28:46 UTC 2016

Dear Community,

This was the second week. This week I was working on:

- added table-template property to an existing table UNO API
- basic export of a table-template. However it appeared it is too early 
to do
- fixed a fdo47267 import crash which I introduced last week
- working on Cell Styles UNO family. Still have to resolve doubts. How and
   where will be unassigned Cell Styles stored.

Plans for this week:
- finish Cell Styles UNO family
- research, and try to do a proper, basic table-template export
- I'll have two exams this week, so I'll have to skip a day or two

If you have any remarks and/or suggestions, please share.

Jakub Trzebiatowski, ubap

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