Debugging specifics wrt visual studio

Akash Jain akash96j at
Thu Jun 9 04:57:29 UTC 2016

Hi Christian,

I am building lo myself. With options: --with-visual-studio=yyyy,
--enable-dbgutil. So the symbols are not being downloaded from any

> I wondered if the pdb files even
> had the sources specified.
> Yes, the official builds (including alpha and beta builds) are
> source-indexed. On crash, you will be able to see sources. Maybe windbg
> won't work if you don't use the same paths, so try to set a breakpoint in a
> function and have the debugger stop at that.

In WinDbg, I am able to set a breakpoint. When the breakpoint is hit,
I expect the source file to open, and the breakpoint line to be showed
because I am using the l+s option. But that is not the case. This is
after I have set the source files path and symbol files path
correctly. I also verified that I was debugging what I had built. Same
is the case with vs2015. I open the source file and but a breakpoint
in it, but I get a error saying bp will not be hit as symbols are not
loaded for this file. Bringing up the modules list I can see the
relevant module is loaded and symbols for it are also loaded.

> So I found code for a tool which is
> essentially a pdb parser. On building and running it on any of the pdb
> files, I found that there were no sources for all the object files,
> They are not included in the pdb directly, but have instructions in them on
> how it can be downloaded. Downloading makes use of power shell, maybe you're
> missing that..
 The tool is parsing these instructions and shows the source files
linked to all the object files in the module. The pdb files were not
showing any source files. Keeping all my other options same, I just
changed --with-visual-studio=2015 to --with-visual-studio=2013. Now
the pdb files were showing all the source files correctly and
debugging works as expected.


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