Update to Firebird 3.0

Bunth Tamás btomi96 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 11 12:59:43 UTC 2016

>> Tamás, take a look at
>> commit 290bfcd2fdb44a52943f6fdc134d2565cbb83db3
>> Author: Andrzej J.R. Hunt <andrzej at ahunt.org>
>> Date:   Thu Sep 5 10:24:35 2013 +0100
>> there used to be a commented out "check for tommath". But if firebird
>> needs tommath, then indeed we need to add it to our externals.
> yes, Tamás needs to write some makefiles after all :)
> that will be a UnpackedTarball, possibly a ExternalProject (unless it's
> one of those "header-only" things), possibly a Library (if it doesn't
> build in any sane way with MSVC), probably a ExternalPackage (unless
> it's completely statically linked).
> but we can keep it simple stick to the (above mentioned) comment and not
> support the scenario with system tommath and bundled firebird, either
> bundle both or take both from system.  that means we likely don't need
> to detect "tommath" in configure, unless it's exposed somehow by
> firebird's public headers.

There is an embedded tommath in firebird/extern/libtommath/, but
Firebird uses this only for windows. ( in version 4.0 there is an
option --with-builtin-tommath, which allows us to use it on Linux, but
there is no option like that in 3.0).
So iiuc I have to do something only for Linux (and Mac ?).

Firebird doesn't build on linux without an installed tommath, it
searches for a system library. Isn't there some package manager stuff
for libreoffice, which installs libtommath on Linux/MAC just before
installing libreoffice?

Actually I don't understand the concept of the makefiles you
mentioned. So these UnpackedTarball, ExternalProject etc. makefiles
would make some kind of tommath.so file(s) to instdir/program from a
tarball, right? But than how would we force the firebird files to use
those so files instead of searching for system libraries? With a patch
on the firebird source?


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