GSoC Weekly Report #4 - Table Styles

Jakub Trzebiatowski at
Mon Jun 20 15:32:11 UTC 2016

Dear Community,

This was the fourth week. This week I was working on:

- Implemented isInUse() and isUserDefined() for table styles and cell 
   This was required for a correct export.

- Expanded table styles by table:first-row-end-column,
   table:first-row-start-column, table:last-row-end-column,
   table:last-row-start-column properties.

- Implemented basic export of cell styles and table styles (table-template).
   To properly map a core table style class (SwTableAutoFormat) and
   odf table-template implemented new table-template elements in loext 
   loext:first-row-even-column, loext:last-row-even-column
   loext:first-row-end-column, loext:first-row-start-column
   loext:last-row-end-column, loext:last-row-start-column.

Plans for this week:
- Will be working on cell style and table style import.

Jakub Trzebiatowski, ubap

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