Collabora Online 1.0 Roadmap and Questions

Adam Saunders adam.saunders at
Wed Jun 22 15:38:26 UTC 2016

Hi all,

I'm in the midst of writing a news article about the Collabora Online
1.0 release. I had a couple questions for you:

1. (a) It appears that the 1.0 release is missing a number of features
that could be found in vanilla LibreOffice binaries (e.g. a number of
functions for spreadsheets, "track changes" style editing in the
document editor, spellchecking, etc.). How come?

(b) Is the only spreadsheet function available in 1.0 SUM? I wasn't able
to find any other shortcuts for functions in the spreadsheet editor.

(c) Is the real-time editing preview in CODE available in the 1.0 demo?
I wasn't able to find it...

2. Are there plans to reintroduce these features in future releases?

3. What distinguishes Collabora Online from competitors such as Open365
( or OnlyOffice (

4. What is the target "market" for Collabora Online? Primarily business
enterprises/non-profits/government agencies?

5. What "value-added" services could I get as, say, a corporation
contracting with Collabora to get enhancements and/or support for
Collabora Online?

Thanks very much for any answers you can provide. It's an interesting

Adam Saunders

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