[Libreoffice-qa] minutes of ESC call ...

V Stuart Foote VStuart.Foote at utsa.edu
Sat Jun 25 12:43:12 UTC 2016

Markus Mohrhard wrote
>>     + Most Pressing Bugs:
>>         http://tdf.io/mostressingbugs
>>         + tdf#100295 - LibODev- does not run in Windows_XP (32
>> or 64 bit)
>>             + Interest in fixing ?  (or is this a 'feature' ?)
>>             + Tor - thinks a feature.
>>             + last time - 10% of Windows market (Michael)
>>                + compares vs. Mac install base.
>>             + can we bibisect for Windows to find what killed it.
>>             + could be related to breakpad ? (Cloph)
>>                + a duplicate with more info in it out there.
>>                + perhaps Moggi had a look ?
> I think I mentioned it before. Currently I assume that it is a problem
> with
> libcurl. Unless you specify that you want to compile against the correct
> SDK version libcurl uses a vista function unconditionally. So this has
> been
> an old problem (and would have crashed on XP if the corresponding ucp
> component got loaded) but is now causing a crash already during start as
> our minidump uploaded has a libcurl dependency.
> There is a patch to fix it by telling the libcurl build to compile against
> the old version but as I have no XP I can not test if it really helps.

Markus -- happy to test on Win XP sp3 , but would need cloph to roll it up
in a 32-bit release build configuration.  Might also take care of tdf#95183
and tdf#95184.  Should probably have a 64-bit build as well to check for any
regression against Vista onward.

But, how much longer do we drag along Windows XP?  Check for Updates broken
on XP since 5.0.  It seems like introduction of Error Reporting alone for
5.2 is justification to end support of XP sp3 at 5.1?  

What will be the next feature that can't be implemented, or breaks in vs2015
build  because of retaining an XP compliant build target?  Kind of expect
anything done for incremental updates--tdf#68274--is going to be pushing us 
forward to Windows 7 anyhow.


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