Quick update about crash reporting and some open issues

Michael Stahl mstahl at redhat.com
Mon Jun 27 09:28:24 UTC 2016

On 27.06.2016 06:00, Markus Mohrhard wrote:
> Do we want to notify the crash reporter if there was a commit
> referencing a crash report? Similar to how bugzilla is automatically
> updated we could do something like this for the crash reporter. That
> might help with keeping track if there was already a fix for a crash and
> we are only seeing more reports because it is not yet in a released version.
> What would be the format of the reference?

so if we do the below anyway...

> For the bugzilla to crash report direction we had planned to handle it
> with a bot monitoring the crash report field in bugzilla and update the
> crash reporter website.

... can we do it such that the crash-reporter gets updated when the
bugzilla bug changes state, so you could then see in the crash-reporter
ui if it's already fixed?

> How do we want to handle stuff that requires user interaction? Examples
> are adding new versions, adding references to bug reports and possibly
> export of crash reports to bugzilla.

how about a button "create bugzilla bug", that is only displayed if
there isn't one already, and links to the create-bug page with the crash
metadata pre-filled.  then we can use bugzilla to add reproduction
steps, uninformed speculation, or whatever.

> There are maybe more tasks in the future that will require some actions
> that cause DB changes by users. Duplicating the login system from
> bugzilla seems like a horrible concept and will just cause us to have
> even more logins that nobody remembers.

yes, better to have any interaction go via bugzilla if that is possible.

> How do we want to handle old crash reports? We can't keep the reports
> forever and will most likely delete them as soon as a branch becomes
> EOL. The question is whether there is value in exporting them to some
> format (most likely json) and archive them or just forget completely
> about old reports.

what's the problem with keeping them?  surely there should be enough
space on the server to store them?

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