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Michael Meeks michael.meeks at collabora.com
Tue Jun 28 20:06:05 UTC 2016

Hi Michael,

	Thanks for your mail.

On Tue, 2016-06-28 at 20:53 +0200, Michael Stahl wrote:
> > 	Then (I guess) we could pass namespace prefixed names through for the
> > unknown attributes so eg. "office:foo" - and still have the information
> > we need to properly resolve them.
> uhm... how many bad comparisons like "if (attribute == "office:foo") exist?

	Apparently enough of them to stop libreoffice even starting if we don't
pass through namespace names un-modified ;-)

> a quick git grep finds only a handful, mostly in base code - wouldn't it
> be easier to just fix those?

	Would be great; but I'm wary of pulling too much un-related string into
the GSOC project; Mohammed had a number of other cases I think where
this caused grief. A quick poke around shows:

$ git grep '"toolbar:'
$ git grep '"menu:'
	Are rather suggestive of problems; though no idea what parser they use.
Ideally we'd move everyone to the XFastParser - it's faster ;-) in
due-course, but again - I'd rather get some of the threaded parsing
XFastParser wins for ODF - than drain this swap as part of the project.

	Volunteers welcome to hunt & kill broken NS handling though !



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