java configure bug on gentoo

Wols Lists antlists at
Tue Mar 1 21:24:10 UTC 2016

On 01/03/16 18:54, Wols Lists wrote:
> On 01/03/16 18:52, julien2412 wrote:
>> Anthonys Lists wrote
>>> ...
>>> So I've debugged it successfully in ./configure, but that appears to be
>>> a generated file, so when I went to test it, it seems to have blown my
>>> changes away! How do I fix ./configure so the changes stick?
>>> ...
>> You can take a look to in <root LO sources directory>
> Thanks. Looking at it now ...
Done and tested. Now trying to submit (unsuccessfully) to gerrit.

I suspect I've got an account (Wol) on there which I can't get in to.
I've created a new account (Wol1) which is working, but I can't submit
my patch because my email address is already attached to another account
so I can't add it to Wol1.

I'd rather use Wol, obviously, but I can't see any way of sorting out
the situation other than getting a gerrit admin to fix things ...


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