CMIS props info page needs some graphic trimming

Jan Holesovsky kendy at
Fri Mar 4 10:30:19 UTC 2016

Hi Giuseppe,

Giuseppe Castagno píše v Pá 04. 03. 2016 v 10:53 +0100:

> working a fix for CMIS properties info page (File > Properties... > 
> 'CMIS Properties' tab) reported in bug
> <>
> I spotted the boolean property type display missing the labels, see:
> image1: 
> <>
> I tried to fix using hexpand property with patch:
> obtaining this:
> image2: 
> <>
> Resizing becomes this:
> image3: 
> <>
> Tab page code starts from here:
> <>
> I'd like to have the two radiobuttons nearer in a fixed position, 
> displaying the labels, any clean way to obtain?

[big quote so that the Design team has the context]

>From the UX point of view, it looks like the tab page could be done a
bit better / nicer ;-)

I see that the page is being built dynamically, but is it necessary to
display the type of the property?

Then for the Yes / No radiobutton; I wonder if it could be a checkbox

> Is there some other part of LO code that has similar boolean type display?

No idea - but I hope the Design team can have some good ideas there;
they are CC'd now.

All the best,

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