LibreOffice has been accepted as a GSoC 2016 mentor organization!

Jan Iversen jani at
Sat Mar 5 09:46:08 UTC 2016


You already are a "voluntary" informal mentor, like the rest of us, but thanks for volunteering.

The best way to help on a specific idea (like VCL challenges) is to become a mentor, so why not take the extra step and be registred as mentor, you can always be the second mentor on a project.

I have learned the word "cluttered" can be dangerous, because the more you do in private, the more you have to repeat several times :-)

jan i.
If there is a way of being an informal mentor on VCL, I?d be happy to be available :-)
Anyone who has any questions can ping me on IRC, if I can help then my nick is chris_wotMostly I encourage folks to discuss with me in the open, but I?m often willing to have a private conversation so the channel doesn?t get cluttered.  
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